[amsat-bb] Space-X test engines for HEO capable Falcon 9

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Sat Aug 2 02:03:34 PDT 2008

Hi all.   - Thought this was interesting.......
McGregor  TX – Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (_SpaceX_ 
(http://www.spacex.com/index.php) ) conducted the first nine engine firing of its _Falcon 9_ 
(http://www.spacex.com/falcon9.php)  launch vehicle at its Texas Test Facility 
outside  McGregor on July 31st. A second firing on August 1st completed a 
major NASA  Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) milestone almost 
two months  early. 
At full power,  the nine engines consumed 3,200 lbs of fuel and liquid oxygen 
per second, and  generated 832,000 pounds of force (lbf) – four times the 
maximum thrust of a 747  aircraft. 
SpaceX is  developing a family of launch vehicles intended to increase the  
reliability and reduce the cost of both manned and unmanned space  
transportation, ultimately by a factor of ten. With its Falcon line of  launch vehicles, 
powered by internally-developed _Merlin_ 
(http://www.spacex.com/falcon1.php#merlin_engine)   engines, SpaceX offers light, medium and heavy lift capabilities 
to  deliver spacecraft into any altitude and inclination, from low-Earth  
orbit to geosynchronous 
Full report  at.  _http://www.spacex.com/press.php?page=44b_ 


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