[amsat-bb] Email via Satellite Simulated Emergency Test

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Nov 5 14:01:50 PST 2007

The value of sending an Email via APRS Satellite in an emergency
is that it is a set-and-forget outward bound communcations mode.
Perfect for real emergencies.

You don't need anything but a 2m radio and a TNC.  No special
software.  No special hardware, no satellite predictions, and no
time consuming operating.

Just set the Email message in your TNC beacon, turn it on, and
then return to all the emergency tasks at hand.  Think Katrina.
You wanted to report your status, but had no time for the tedium
of "operating" to find a means to get your traffic out.  There
was just too much else to do...

In real emergencies, those affected have far too much else to do
than to try to make a satellite contact to report back their
location and status.  But using an APRS beacon allows you to set
up your outgoing message (or email), with no knowledge required
about satellite pass times.  Sooner or later an APRS satellite
will pass over your location and your beacon and EMAIL will get
in without any effort on your part.

Your emergency health and welfare email will not only get
relayed by the satellite to a SATgate, but should then be
automatically emailed to the intended recepient.  You did not
need any special software, no satellite predictions, no special
hardware other than a TNC and 2m radio.

This is the ideal first-response health-and-welfare-status
reporting mechanism.  Put your beacon on the air and then do all
the rest of the emregency work you have to do, and do not get
burdened with having to sit and "operate" to try to get your
message out. 

The Satellite Simulated Emergency Test web page shows you how to
use any TNC to set up your outgoing EMAIL...


Try it with your old TNC.  Anyone can do it.  But the format
must be correct for the packet that you place in your BECONTEXT:

BT :EMAIL    :email at address.com your_message_goes_here...

Where 4 spaces are required after the word EMAIL and then the
"email at address.com" must be the intended recepient.

Its only one line.  But in an emergency, ONE LINE is
exceptionally valuable, and has a great chance of getting

Not only will it get delivered (if the infrastructure works) but
you can also just check the downlink yourself to see if it got
through on:


Try it this week while PCSAT is working!


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