[amsat-bb] Re: PCSAT-1 over Europe

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Nov 5 12:22:42 PST 2007

> I wonder how successful digi'ing via PCSAT 
> using a TH-D7 has been?
> I believe that its down purely to usage here 
> in Europe as she appears to get hit multiple 
> times by the same stations?

Yes, we noticed that 2/3rds of all PCSAT-1 users are in Europe
in a SMALL footprint.  While in the USA, there are only half as
many users but spread out over a much larger area.  SO the
congestion must be maybe 4 times worse over there in Europe..

> Maybe this stops the 5watt stations from actually 
> being relayed??

Yes, any collision will cause the weaker signal to not be heard.
And then the stations just keep trying, further making the
problem worse.

We need to find a way to cut back the throughput in Europe,
because it is always over Europe that PCSAT-1 dies towards the
end of its daylight period.    We have asked all PCSAT-1 users
to adhere to the User Service Agreement that was posted:


Which is posted on the PCSAT web page:


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