[amsat-bb] Re: Chilean plane escapes flaming space junk

John g3bvu at arrl.net
Thu Mar 29 03:05:49 PST 2007

At 22:31 3/28/07 -0700, you wrote:
>Read the following news about space debris nearly hit
>a passenger plane !! 
>Maybe its time to find a real solution to get all that
>debris out of our skies, before it gets a real big
>threat to us.
>73 de William
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	An interesting, but questionable report. Another "scare" story exaggerated
out of all proportion by the media. For example: -

  1.	The report is from the pilot of an Airbus A340 airliner and shows a
photograph of a 2-engine airliner. But the A340 has 4 engines! What
happened to the other two engines?

  2.	The reported "nearly hit" miss distance is reported to be 8KM. Maybe
it was 7KM or was it 9KM?

  3.	"The pilot reported seeing the "junk" both in front of him and behind
him. That's a very clever pilot who has eyes in his tail! Or did he break
his flight plan and make a 360 degree circle to look back from where he had
been? And report his flight plan change? 

	de  G3BVU.


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