[amsat-bb] Re: Chilean plane escapes flaming space junk

Sil - ZL2CIA zl2cia at amsat.org
Wed Mar 28 23:35:42 PST 2007

William Leijenaar wrote:
> Hi AMSATs,
> Read the following news about space debris nearly hit
> a passenger plane !! 
> http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=4122&sectionid=3510206
> http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/sundaystartimes/auckland/4008929a10.html
-- snip --

Hoi William,

And, perhaps, both websites have the same wrong story.

The discussion amongst satellite observers 
(visual, as opposed to radio) claims that the 
progress rocket was still docked to the ISS when 
this event occurred. The visual observers group 
say progress came down at the time predicted by 
the Russian authorities.

What the pilot saw was space junk, but not the 
progress rocket.


Sil - ZL2CIA

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