[amsat-bb] Re: What can I do with just 2 meter FM equipment??

Sil - ZL2CIA caleriffic at paradise.net.nz
Tue Mar 27 14:59:13 PST 2007


Others have mentioned the APRS satellites ANDE-1 
and Raft, both of which operate on 145.825 MHz up 
and down. Both are easy to use although ANDE 
requires care because of its limited and finite 
power budget.

PCsat also operates on 145.825 MHz (up and down) 
and the ISS is on 145.800 MHz down and 145.990 MHz 
Up. PCSAT is waiting for better sunlight and the 
ISS is currently off.

There are a couple of others you may also like to 
listen for.

UO-11. Transmits ASCII at 1200 b/s. Clive Wallis 
is always keen to receive signal reports for this 
satellite. The Tx is currently off, but will 
switch on around 31 March. Clive isn't sure 
exactly when this will happen, so it is fun to 
listen for it at around that time. You can decode 
UO-11 using MixW, although I use a hardware 
decoder built mostly from junkbox parts.

You could also listen for Pehuensat. I heard this 
one only once, shortly after it was launched. It 
should transmit UI packets (1200 b/s AFSK) but I 
only ever heard a recorded voice message. I'm not 
sure of the current status of this satellite, but 
since I have gear up and running on 145.825 MHz I 
watch for this one too.

You'll need to make an interface to go between 
your rig and your computer if you want Tx to the 
satellites. This can be very simple and easily 
built from stuff in your junk box. If you just 
want to copy the telemetry, you need only couple 
the audio output of your rig to the line-in jack 
on your soundcard.

On 2 metres, I use a homebuilt 6 element 
horizontally polarised antenna. It's currently 
horizontally mounted and is steerable only in 
azimuth. That works okay with LEOs.

You can also experiment with various software 
packages that can copy the 1200 b/s AFSK signal. 
You already have AGWPE and UISS is a great program 
to use when working satellites via AGWPE. You 
might also try UIview which allows you to run an 
Sgate (even over a dial up connection) and of 
course the powerful MixW.

I generally run both AGWPE and a hardware TNC in 
parallel since I find that one sometimes decodes 
packets that the other misses. You can also run 
UISS and UIview simultaneously with both receiving 
data from AGWPE.

Sil - ZL2CIA

Michael Tondee wrote:
> Unfortunately because of some financial issues, I'm going to have to 
> sell my TS-2000X. I've avoided it and tried to figure some way around it 
> but the sad reality is that it's got to go. I was thinking that I'd be 
> leaving the satellite game for awhile but then it occured to me that 
> maybe I could do something with 2 meter FM.
>  I have a Kenwood TM-241 mobile rig and a Yaesu Ft11R handheld. Isn't 
> APRS done on just the two meter band? Would it take both radios or just one?
> Are their other things I could do like possibly monitoring beacons or 
> decoding telemetry and such. I have no TNC but I could use AGWPE with my 
> soundcard.
> I'd just like something to "scratch the itch" so to speak till I can go 
> back to a more fully equipped station.
> Thanks,
> Michael, W4HIJ
> P.S. If I owe any of you QSL cards, please be patient, I am getting to them!
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