[amsat-bb] Re: TNC settings for Kenwood TM-D700

Jordan Woolley jordanw at unwired.com.au
Tue Mar 27 13:17:05 PST 2007

Thanks for your very comprehensive reponse Rich (and everyone else who 
replied). All of the settings match and the radio is in packet mode. I am 
starting to think that the culprit is the serial cable. I thought it was 
straight through but it may not be. I shall do everything you suggest again 
but try it with a new serial cable this afternoon.

Thanks for your efforts.


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> Hi Jordan!
> Make sure you're using a straight through serial cable (2-2, 3-3, etc).
> Then, confirm that the PC and D700 are using the same parameters:  9600 
> baud, No parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and hardware flow control.  If 
> your settings aren't the same as this, make sure both the PC and D700 
> agree.
> From non-TNC operations, press and hold F for 1 sec and then press the TNC 
> soft button.  Do this twice.  The D700 display should have TNC PKT in the 
> upper left.
> If the display shows TNC APRS, you just have to press and hold F for 1 sec 
> and TNC once.
> Hit CTRL-C to return to a cmd prompt if you're stuck in converse mode (you 
> shouldn't be since you just put the D700 into TNC PKT mode).
> At this point, you should be communicating with the D700 at the cmd 
> prompt.
> Check out the Kenwood Specialized Communications Manual:
> http://inform2.kenwoodusa.com/Manuals%5CTM-D700A%20Specialized.pdf
> Good luck!
> 73 de Rich N3WWN (FN00fh)
> On Tue, 27 Mar 2007, Jordan Woolley wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Was just wondering if there is anyone out there with any experience 
>> setting up a D700 for Packet operation. I do not seem to be able to get 
>> my terminal program to speak to the TNC. I can't even get a cmd prompt or 
>> any semblance of a connection. It seems to be physically connected fine 
>> but still no luck. I have set the baud rate for the port to match the TNC 
>> (9600) but am not having any luck. I am just using HyperTerminal. Any 
>> ideas?
>> Thanks
>> Jordan
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