[amsat-bb] Re: orbit tracking?

George Henry ka3hsw at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 26 14:54:24 PST 2007

I'll second Bruce's praise of SatPC32.... been a registered user for a 
couple of years now, and love it!  And as far as InstantTrack goes, it will 
run just fine in a DOS window on XP - just don't minimize the window, or the 
timer ticks that IT relies on go away.........

George, KA3HSW

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: orbit tracking?

> Quoting Tyler Harpster <tyler881 at adelphia.net>:
>> After being frustrated with trying to load very old tracking programs on
>> a
>> newer, but still old Windows 98 machine, I'm going to drop some cash and
>> pick up a much newer XP machine on the used market.  (because Vista
>> sucks -
>> why did we have to go to an unstable OS again?)
>> Anyway...   I'm looking for the real deal tracking software.   What does
>> everyone recommend for the latest tracking software?
>> Thanks,
>> Tyler
>> KM3G
> I think the consensus will settle around SatPC32, which I plan on buying
> with my renewal of my AMSAT membership.
> Have you considered keeping the old machine and using Instant Track
> http://www.amsat.org/amsat/instanttrack/ ? It is less flashy, but still
> quite reliable.
> 73, Bruce

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