[amsat-bb] Re: Help with MixW2 getting AO-51 TLM

Bruce Semple brucesemple at verizon.net
Sun Mar 25 18:42:09 PST 2007

Hi Ed --
I use MixW as my TNC for working the digital SATs -- mostly GO-32 right now.
It is a good source of 9K6 packet  - and it has a very strong downlink.

I though  A0-51's digital BBS is still offline.  I have not heard 
anything on 435.150  for  some time now.

Did you try feeding your "Audio Out" back into your "Audio In" and let MixW
measure it's own baud rate? Under the protocol settings, Monitor tab 
- check the "Baudrate Measurement" check box.
Then type some random letters into the send area and see what the rate is
I found that I had to put a correction factor  --
Configure --> Sound Device Settings --> Clock Adjustment ppm
I have a 6600 TX correction.

Out on the MixW website there is some discussion on how to use a WWV 
signal and the SSTV mode to
calibrate MixW as well.

Good Luck --

73 -

At 08:23 PM 3/25/2007, you wrote:
>I have upgraded my MixW2 (demo) to vers 2.18 and going over settings
>to receive 9600 bps FM AX.25 telemetry from AO-51.  I doing this in
>hopes to get a good test before trying to receive CAPE-1 after 
>launch March 27.
>Long time ago I had it working with virtual connection with tlmEcho
>program, but I am just wanting to recover raw telemetry for CAPE-1
>since no decoding sw is available for CAPE-1 to my knowledge.
>I tried capturing some on the last pass which was north of me, but I
>had the wrong frequency for most of the pass.  Still tuning near
>435.150 toward the end of the pass I could not detect any signal
>(quieting) from the 9600 packet signal.  I know that 9600 does not
>provide sound that is heard but I recall that it should provide some
>quieting in the passband.
>I wonder if anyone is using MixW2 with tlmEcho to recover AO-51
>tlm?  I sure would appreciate having someone check my sw settings for
>MixW2.  There is no local source of 9600 packet to use for
>checkout.  I am stumped why MixW2 comes up with a window stating my
>demo period has expired as I just downloaded it yesterday (supposed
>to get 15-day free demo period).  Will this kill any chance of 
>retrieving data?
>Ed - KL7UW
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