[amsat-bb] Antenna's?

Stargate stargatesg1 at verizon.net
Sun Mar 25 17:46:52 PST 2007

Howdy all,
	Still building up my station but cash is starting to get tight!
I was considering the M2 436CP42 U/G and M2 2MCP22 antenna's.
I think I'm down to the build-it, instead of buy it stage, so I was
wondering if anyone has links
to websites with PROVEN designs for a CP beam such as these?
	I have seen a few sites but I hate to build a CP antenna without prior
recommendations from someone else.
So, What have you? :-)

Station so far...

FT-847 (computer controlled)
G-5500 rotor (computer controlled)
LVB tracking board
Orbitron tracking software
ARR MSP432VDG-160 preamp
ARR MSP144VDG-160 preamp


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