[amsat-bb] Help with MixW2 getting AO-51 TLM

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sun Mar 25 16:23:23 PST 2007


I have upgraded my MixW2 (demo) to vers 2.18 and going over settings 
to receive 9600 bps FM AX.25 telemetry from AO-51.  I doing this in 
hopes to get a good test before trying to receive CAPE-1 after launch March 27.

Long time ago I had it working with virtual connection with tlmEcho 
program, but I am just wanting to recover raw telemetry for CAPE-1 
since no decoding sw is available for CAPE-1 to my knowledge.

I tried capturing some on the last pass which was north of me, but I 
had the wrong frequency for most of the pass.  Still tuning near 
435.150 toward the end of the pass I could not detect any signal 
(quieting) from the 9600 packet signal.  I know that 9600 does not 
provide sound that is heard but I recall that it should provide some 
quieting in the passband.

I wonder if anyone is using MixW2 with tlmEcho to recover AO-51 
tlm?  I sure would appreciate having someone check my sw settings for 
MixW2.  There is no local source of 9600 packet to use for 
checkout.  I am stumped why MixW2 comes up with a window stating my 
demo period has expired as I just downloaded it yesterday (supposed 
to get 15-day free demo period).  Will this kill any chance of retrieving data?


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