[amsat-bb] Re: CubeSat launch 27Mar07 6:46:35UT

Ralph Wallio, W0RPK W0RPK at netINS.net
Thu Mar 22 05:04:36 PST 2007

Ed --

Thanks for your commitment and planning to receive CubeSat CAPE-1 during your first pass after
launch on 27Mar.  The CAPE-1 team will be very anxious to receive your report immediately after the
pass.  A few thoughts that come to mind:

-- 9600bps G3RUH FSK modulation can be easily detected by ear when using SSB/CW receive mode.

-- I note that your first pass will be at ~57d elevation at TCA.  This will be out of your Yagi main
beam width but elevation before and after TCA will be useful.

-- Both CAPE-1 and AO-51 transmit standard 9600bps G3RUH FSK AX.25 telemetry packets so your
previous success receiving AO-51 telemetry is encouraging.  I have no experience with MixW2 to share
but we will be interested in hearing about your success using MixW2 for CAPE-1 telemetry.

-- Preliminary TLEs manually load to GrafTrak AOK and predict the correct track.  I am not familiar
with NOVA but perhaps it also has a manual entry facility(?)  This is what I get from GrafTrak for
your coordinates (assuming a nominal launch):

AOS 08:01:35UT  AZ 175  EL  0  435.255
TCA 08:08:58UT  AZ 259  EL 57  435.245
LOS 08:16:16UT  AZ 343  EL  0  435.235

If you are not successful with manually loading preliminary TLEs to NOVA I will send a tracking

-- You may also be successful receiving 1200bps AX.25 telemetry from LIBERTAD-1 on 437.405MHz or at
least be able to report that it has been heard.

TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, WØRPK
W0RPK at netINS.net
Hubbert's Peak - The Mother of all Perfect Storms

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