[amsat-bb] Re: Transatlantic QSO on FO-29

Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Sun Mar 18 06:19:10 PST 2007

On 18 Mar 2007 at 7:57, i8cvs wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just made a nice SSB QSO on sked via FO-29 with Luc VE2DWE
> in FN36KA to day on orbit 52260  from 06:20 to 06:26 UTC
> The distance from FN36KA and JN70ES is 6742.8 km
> The last QSO with Luc was via AO40 but the above contact lasted
> 6 minutes of a very outstanding conversation with no QSB via a LEO
> satellite with a max elevation for me of 2.5 degrees and 6.5 degrees
> for Luc.
> If any one like to try CW or SSB on FO-29 with me in JN70ES please
> email off list.    
> Tanks Luc for this very interesting experiment with you. 
> 73" de 
> i8CVS Domenico

Hi Domenico

Thank's for this fine QSO it just make me remember the AO-40 time. As soon as 
FO-29 emerge over the horizon i was able to hear my downlink and hear you swish 
back on my downlink elevation was at 2 deg only from an S4 signal you peak up 
to S8 (audio estimate) as my preamp is not installed yet.

I just recover from a total antennas destruction in an ice storm in december 
(pictures on a separate e-mail) I was using a 7 elem linear yagi for the 
dowlnlink and a 14 elem cross yagi for the uplink with 125 watts.

My eastern horizon is partially block by my neighbour cedar tree line that i 
managed to cut by about 1.5 meters this past summer making this partial opening 
to the east.

Will try for another test when my preamp will be installed on a new 14 elem 
yagi on a separate feed line.

Hope this will trigger more activity on this satellite Domenico



Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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