[amsat-bb] Re: AO-51 to switch to V/S 38k4 for 25 hours at 15MAR07, 0100Z

Douglas Quagliana dquagliana at aol.com
Wed Mar 14 12:29:51 PST 2007

glasbrenner at mindspring.com wrote:
> At the request of the ALMASAT team AO-51 will switch to V/S 38k4 digital 
> operation from about 0100Z on 15Mar2007 to 0200Z 16Mar2007. 

If anyone has the appropriate (wide enough) S-band receiver,
but not the 38k4 modem, you can make a recording of the
38k4 signal with a soundcard and a program like
REC48000.exe -- then demodulate the signal "later".

38k4 demodulation is also possible using just a soundcard
with a program like Willow.  If you're interested, email

I wonder if anyone on the ALMASAT team could make a
recording of their 38k4 transmissions before launch?

Douglas KA2UPW/5

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