[amsat-bb] SSB birds - ERP/EiRP ??

Robert Coppock robertinorbit at webtv.net
Fri Mar 9 18:06:26 PST 2007

hi AMSAT  ,,,,  ,,
    i am getting back into this, and want to try the SSB birds...  AO-07  FO-29  and VO-52.  i would like to know before transmitting, what the power levels are for these 3 birds, at the horizon/apogee, and at perigee for about a 45degree pass, and a 90degree pass.  AO-07 and FO-29 are probably about the same i guess, and VO-52 much lower at perigee as is its flying elevation.  the AMSAT web page for AO-07 says SO W eirp (typo?, 50 W) will produce 3 watts output at 2000 miles. this gives me some idea, if i am guessing right.  any help and info is appreciated, and thank you for all the help and fun so far.  this is still a blast, and it is truly an honor to be able to partake of your hi-tech machines.  

    --,,,  ,,,-- and good DX, robert #35488
  kf0g cm97  ex. kg6pib/ki6gsa/ae6zj 

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