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Kyle Yoksh yokshs at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 9 13:31:53 PST 2007

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> Don't forget to check it for birdies before buying. I have a 1998
> Saturn SC2 that has a *nasty* noise emission on 2m right smack on top
> of the calling frequency.
> --
> 73 de Maggie K3XS

Hi Maggie (and the list),

This is a very common issue w/ Saturn vehicles. I worked for a Saturn dealer 
until 1998, and found the problem myself in every SL and SC I drove.

It also occurs in my 91 SL1, and the official cause is said to be the ECU 
(main computer). My vehicle is very well grounded, although I haven't built 
copper box around the ECU yet.. hi hi

It's also a good idea on these vehicles to attach ground straps from the 
trunk lid to the chassis.. I used the braid from some old CATV coax, with 
ring terminals
crimped onto each side. Anyone using a trunk-mounted antenna with a Saturn 
might want to add these.. This cured some pretty strange antenna problems
I was having, as it did for others folks I know..

Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas
Amsat# 35249

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