[amsat-bb] Re: DX LEO records, fixed elevation category

Fabio Roccatagliata roccaf at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 06:24:09 PST 2007

Dear friends,

here is my best LEO contacts made by using no elevation on 2 yagi antennas.
Antennas used:

12 el. 3wl for Vhf H pol.
21 el. 6wl for Uhf H pol.

IZ1EGT (JN44LK) -> VA3DB (FN25DI) 03/01/2005 FO29 J CW qrb 6343 km.

Sincerely I found that elevation is not needed on Vhf while it
increases drastically sigs in Uhf.

Best 73s


On 3/9/07, Bruce Robertson <broberts at mta.ca> wrote:

> > >VE9QRP (FN75tv) to IW4DVZ (JN54IM) 5600 km
> > >"             " to OK2UFB (JN99as) 5847 km
> >

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