[amsat-bb] Re: DX LEO records, fixed elevation category

Anthony Monteiro aa2tx at comcast.net
Thu Mar 8 22:15:45 PST 2007

At 11:07 PM 3/8/2007, Bruce Robertson wrote:
>Many of us have been encouraging the newcomers to this list to avoid
>elevation rotors if they want to begin with a simple, less expensive
>station. (It is unfortunate that as recently as my 2006 edition, the ARRL
>Handbook states that az/el rotation is necessary. I wonder if someone
>should contact them and offer a rewrite.) As evidence of the effectiveness
>of such a station, I offer the following two QSOs (chosen merely because I
>was writing up the QSL cards). I also submit them as the first entries in a
>fixed-elevation DX bragging thread:
>VE9QRP (FN75tv) to IW4DVZ (JN54IM) 5600 km
>"             " to OK2UFB (JN99as) 5847 km

Dear friends,

I agree with Bruce, you do not need fancy antennas
to work DX on LEO satellites. Here are a few I found in my log
that were completed using just omni-directional antennas
- NO rotors at all:

AA2TX (FN20) to:
         PA0TAU (JO22) 5987 Km
         SM6DJE (JO99) 6411 Km
         OM3MM  (KN09) 7084 Km

The distances were calculated using:

Best DX and 73,
Tony AA2TX

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