[amsat-bb] Re: My new transponder design

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sun Mar 4 14:16:13 PST 2007

At 11:33 AM 3/4/2007, William Leijenaar wrote:
>This weekend I finished my new transponder design and
>go it working like the prototype.
>This evening I quickly made a website with some
>information and pictures for you.
>Just have a look at:
>I hope it is working, as some people have problems to
>get the pictures with Internet explorer. I use Mozilla
>FireFox and it is working very well.
>Maybe someone can tell me how to make my websites that
>all browsers can see my pictures ??
>(I am better in designing electronics than in
>Happy satellite hunting,
>William Leijenaar (PE1RAH)

It took my computer a little extra time to open the images but all 
did in time (Windows-2000).  I noted they were HTML objects.

My website is raw HTML code and images primarily .jpeg or .gif files. 
A friend and professional webmaster told me that writing one's one 
HTML code was best for universal viewing.  So I do not use any web 
authoring software in the production of my website.  I have just 
moved to a new host so think it is about 95% working.

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