[amsat-bb] Puzzled by ANDE-1

Andythomas 70374.440 at compuserve.com
Sun Mar 4 07:24:38 PST 2007

Tried to connect to ANDE-1 today to send the :TALK     : command but she
threw me off:

eport UISS v5.0.1 [ON6MU (c)2001-2006]
Report Save Date=03-04-2007 Local-Time=15:13:36 UTC-Time=15:13

Callsign :G0SFJ
Latitude :52.28.82N

Stations Heard
G0SFJ               04/03/07 13:24:45
ANDE-1              04/03/07 15:01:10

Total Stations = 2

Received Packet Frames

Port1 with TAPR TNC2 On COM1: 145.825Mhz 1200baud

Fm G0SFJ To ANDE-1 <SABM P>[15:01:09]

Fm ANDE-1 To G0SFJ <DM F >[15:01:10]
Fm G0SFJ To ANDE-1 <SABM P>[15:01:17]

Fm ANDE-1 To G0SFJ <DM F >[15:01:19]
Fm ANDE-1 To BEACON <UI pid=F0 Len=39 >[15:01:21]

Fm ANDE-1 To APRS2 Via SGATE <UI pid=F0 Len=63 >[15:01:26]
:BLN2ANDE :ANDE stays  awake for 30 secs after last pkt heard.

Fm G0SFJ To ANDE-1 <SABM P>[15:01:26]

Fm ANDE-1 To G0SFJ <DM F >[15:01:28]

*** End of UISS Report ***

So I take it someone else was already connected - but did not see her
calling that station.. and she didn't take the TALK command from me either.
What am i doing wrong?

73 de andy g0sfj.

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