[amsat-bb] Re: Historic amateur radio film "Every Single Minute" now onGoogle Video

Wayne N5WD n5wd at charter.net
Sat Mar 3 20:53:57 PST 2007

On Sat, 3 Mar 2007 11:47:27 -0500, Margaret Leber wrote:
> On 3/3/07, Thomas McDaniel <tmcdanielsprint at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Is there anyplace that I can download this film?  I don't seem to
>> be able to download it from the Google site, and I have been
>> asked by our club's Technical Education Instructor if I could get
>> a copy for him to show in his class.  I thought it was a great
>> film -- I remember seeing some of the gear being used in the film
>> in the BA catalogs I used to see when I was in high school.  :-)
> It's not online anyplace else at this time...and it's 200 megabytes
> long as an MPEG from a VideoCD. There's a download link, but
> apparently the result requires the use of Google Video Player.
> If you're not able to get it to him usably via Google Video, drop
> me a note off-list with  a snailmail address and I'll burn a CD.
> Kinda scary that there's still schools without wideband internet
> access.


Consider also that many schools also block Google Video (as well as
YouTube, MySpace, and a lot of the other fad sites) because of inappropriate
content.  So, I'd be interested in a download link, as well, should one be
available in a more commonly available format (like WMV or MPEG).

I'll drop you a snail-mail address privately, as well.

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