[amsat-bb] looking for solutions

Bill Booth 710138 at ican.net
Thu Mar 1 08:35:16 PST 2007

I am looking for inexpensive construction ideas for the following.  I know 
it is a bit off the satellite subjects (sorry about this), but this group 
seems to still be in a construct/experiment class.

I am looking for a USB converter to Cat5/6 cable to extend the range of a 
USB device to maybe 150 feet.  I see lots of commerical units at prices from 
75 to 200, which seems a bit high considering the PC board looks like 2x2. 
Are there any make your own or ready kits available for this .....

Also looking for a small temperature control system to control cooling fans 
on the inside of my shack computers and vhf power bricks.  The sound level 
gets high if they are all running, so was looking for a way to control them 
with a simple temp control device.  I have a very large commerical temp 
controller working just fine as a test, but need to bring it into the real 

And finially, what is out there commerically or otherwise for changing 
inputs/outputs for the shack.  I have a patch cable box to move inputs and 
outputs amongst the radios and controllers/computers that I built many many 
years back.  There has to be a better way now ....... or ideas on it 

I have looked on Google and others but have not found exactly what I am 
looking for as yet......

Thanks in advance for the information, and again sorry about the off topic 

Bill Booth VE3NXK
Sundridge ON, Canada
79.23.37 W x 45.46.18 N

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