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Just ONE GOOD HEO and all this diatribe will dissapear!

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> This issue, in my opinion, has been beat to death over the last five years 
> right here on -bb. Check the archives of May 2005 for one instance. 
> However, one of the problems with using -bb as a forum for discussing such 
> things is there is no efficient way to tell who is a member and who is 
> not. In lieu of another list discussion, I did speak with a great many 
> members in person and via email about this proposed change, and to the 
> last each was in agreement. It was also discussed with the entire 
> executive team and the board of directors.
> I think it is important to remember here that the rule change only brought 
> the ARRL rules in line with the already existing AMSAT Field Day rules. I 
> simply asked the League to ask their contestants to follow the same common 
> sense rule that ours were supposed to be following for the last several 
> events.In that sense we really didn't change anything for those on this 
> list.
> In any event, I appreciate your comments Alan. I do read every message on 
> the -bb, and I try to be as open as possible about every aspect of what 
> AMSAT activities I am involved in. As my involvement in AMSAT has 
> increased, I often find myself naturally in the role of representing the 
> general membership's interest. In years past it has been expressed here 
> on -bb that the BOD members were more involved in the discussions online. 
> I think if I'm elected this year that is exactly what they will get.
> 73, Drew KO4MA
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>>As always, Clare's words are wise.
>>I certainly respect the positions of our organization's officers and BoD.
>>Particularly in technical areas, decisions seldom can be made by popular
>>vote, since the only people qualified to make the decisions are usually 
>>those working on it.  Likewise in working with our international partners.
>>However, we, like the ARRL, are a membership organization.  Where 
>>changes which can be discussed in advance, should be.  A simple "Hey guys,
>>what do you think about .....?" here would, and has, brought out a lot of
>>heat, but also considerable light.  At worst, it gives people a chance to
>>vent but at least feel consulted, and at best it brings in some new
>>viewpoints.  The law of unintended consequences can sometimes be
>>circumvented that way.
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