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Thu Jun 28 07:17:57 PDT 2007

This issue, in my opinion, has been beat to death over the last five years right here on -bb. Check the archives of May 2005 for one instance. However, one of the problems with using -bb as a forum for discussing such things is there is no efficient way to tell who is a member and who is not. In lieu of another list discussion, I did speak with a great many members in person and via email about this proposed change, and to the last each was in agreement. It was also discussed with the entire executive team and the board of directors. 

I think it is important to remember here that the rule change only brought the ARRL rules in line with the already existing AMSAT Field Day rules. I simply asked the League to ask their contestants to follow the same common sense rule that ours were supposed to be following for the last several events.In that sense we really didn't change anything for those on this list.

In any event, I appreciate your comments Alan. I do read every message on the -bb, and I try to be as open as possible about every aspect of what AMSAT activities I am involved in. As my involvement in AMSAT has increased, I often find myself naturally in the role of representing the general membership's interest. In years past it has been expressed here on -bb that the BOD members were more involved in the discussions online. I think if I'm elected this year that is exactly what they will get.

73, Drew KO4MA

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>As always, Clare's words are wise.
>I certainly respect the positions of our organization's officers and BoD.
>Particularly in technical areas, decisions seldom can be made by popular
>vote, since the only people qualified to make the decisions are usually also
>those working on it.  Likewise in working with our international partners.
>However, we, like the ARRL, are a membership organization.  Where possible,
>changes which can be discussed in advance, should be.  A simple "Hey guys,
>what do you think about .....?" here would, and has, brought out a lot of
>heat, but also considerable light.  At worst, it gives people a chance to
>vent but at least feel consulted, and at best it brings in some new
>viewpoints.  The law of unintended consequences can sometimes be
>circumvented that way.
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