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> George,
> This rule seems to allow only one contact on ANY FM bird. Most are
> interpreting this as one contact on EACH FM bird. Which is it?
> John

>From the ARRL Letter, June 22, 2007:

"Keep in mind two minor rule changes for Field Day 2007. First, while
working for the satellite contact bonus, you are limited to making only
one QSO when using any of the single-channel FM satellites. This will
allow more stations to access this very limited resource. "

Clear as mud....

>From Drew's AO-51 Field Day configuration notice dated 3/29/2007:

"As a reminder, both the AMSAT and now ARRL Field Day rules state only one
completed QSO per FM repeater satellite. Please adhere to this rule so that
others may have an opportunity to make a QSO. "

Clearly says *PER* FM satellite, and states the purpose of the rule.

Dual-transponder question on AO-51 answered by Bruce on 3/30/2007:

"one per transponder on a single channel fm satellite. as two
transponders are active, you can make one contact on v/u and one on l/u."

Again, one *PER*. 

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