[amsat-bb] Re: Study of 2.4 GHz License Exempt (Part-15) Activity in the UK

Tony Langdon vk3jed at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 13:50:36 PDT 2007

At 04:26 AM 6/27/2007, Trevor wrote:
>A License Exempt (Part-15) Spectrum Measurement Study was recently carried out
>for the UK Regulator Ofcom involving 20 sites across England.
>The study appears to show comparitively little usage of 2.4 GHz 
>(page 30 of the
>summary). This is almost certainly down to the locations chosen for monitoring
>and the short range (< 1000 feet) of license exempt consumer products. Had the
>monitoring stations been been sited in a typically urban household, 
>built at 20
>homes to the acre, I'm sure they'd have picked up plenty of activity.

I find that rather surprising, given my experience.  Limiting 
monitoring to Wi-Fi devices, one doesn't have to go too far to see a 
wireless network or two (in many cases, one doesn't have to go out 
the front door to see a wireless network that does not belong to the 
house!).  In a major city, the noise floor literally jumps in this 
area.  Local hams who work in RF comms have shared stories of seeing 
a major spike in the noise floor between 2.400 and 2.483 GHz when 
connecting an antenna to a spectrum analyser, and those stories are 
from 5 years ago, not now.

Even regional towns 2 years ago had significant activity here... :)

And then on top of the Wi-Fi din, add cordless phones, video senders 
and other miscellaneous gadgets...

73 de VK3JED

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