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George Henry ka3hsw at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 25 20:20:31 PDT 2007

Actually, it's implicit in rule 7.2 of the "ARRL General Rules for All 
"7.2. Score reduction may be made for taking credit for unconfirmed QSOs or 
multipliers, duplicate contacts or other scoring discrepancies."

(operative phrase being "scoring discrepancies")

At the very least, the station handing out contacts violated the intent of 
the "one contact" rule.  Moreover, for every one contact he "handed out", 
TWO other stations could have made their contacts and gotten off the bird. 
He actually DECREASED the QSO rate....

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> The rules say nothing about more than one contact
> voiding the others, or about making a contact with
> someone who has already made more than one.
> All you get is the 100 points; more contacts on an FM
> bird get you nothing but the wrath of everyone who
> hears you.
> Jim  KQ6EA
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>> >I managed my one contact per FM bird also and then
>> concentrated on AO-7
>> >and VO-52.  I didn't manage as many as George, but
>> we did pretty well.
>> >
>> >I found the FM birds to be much more orderly than
>> in years past.  I
>> >thought that the one station who was handing out
>> quick contacts to the
>> >others worked very well.
>> [snip]
>> I'm not sure that I see the upside to someone
>> "handing out quick contacts" that will ultimately be
>> tossed because he broke the rules....  invalid Q's
>> are invalid for BOTH parties, are they not?  If that
>> was someone's one and only satellite contact, there
>> goes their 100-point bonus!
>> George, KA3HSW

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