[amsat-bb] Recent Pass

Paul Lenharr II kb3nds at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 18:50:15 PDT 2007

Maybe I'm just confused, but isn't making a 2 way contact the point of
working satellites? This evenings pass of AO-51 made me want to pack up my
satellite gear and sell it on ebay. I haven't been on the sat's in while and
I unpacked the arrow and TH-d7 tonight to make sure it was still working. I
listened to a pass of AO-51 and it was absolutely crazy. Do you people have
any common sense? What is the point of calling you call over and over again
if nobody can answer you because everyone else is doing the same? I think I
may have heard 2 complete contacts for a 8 minute pass.......  There is no
point in anyone trying to make a contact with a hand held - all the BIG guns
will be covering you with pointless calling..... What gives?

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