[amsat-bb] Space-Track Keplerian elements

Michael R. Owen nlsa at nlsa.com
Fri Jun 22 14:41:22 PDT 2007

Dear friends,

We should continue to be careful downloading Keplerian elements from 
Space-Track.org.  All of the files there are empty, so if you have an 
automated downloading program like Nova, it will overwrite its Keps with 
zero data.

I wrote to Space-Track and they replied:
>> All of the bulk TLE files for 6-21-07 are empty (!)
> Hello,
> We are having some Technical Difficulties, our Tech guy is out for a 
> week, so please be patient.
> Thank you,
> Space-Track
I don't know how this "outage" will affect other distributors of orbital 
elements (i.e. Celestrak).


Michael R. Owen, Ph.D.
Northern Lights Software Associates

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