[amsat-bb] SATPC32 device addresses

Robert L Lasso rlasso at zianet.com
Wed Jun 20 20:00:24 PDT 2007

> Hello:
> I finally finished the homebrew Max232 interface. I want to use two
> IC706MkIIg's for SAT contacts. It says in the 706 manual that the CI-V
> address for the 706 is 4EH, with choices of 01H to 7FH for other address
> choices. When I go into SATPC32 for setup the Radio, it does not give me
> choices in the radio addresses that include the 706 addresses above? Do I
> set the program for any recommended program Icom address, such as $4A, B
> C and the radio CI-V address to any of their recommended address choices.
> The radio address and the program address will be different. Will they
> communicate with each other having different addresses on each end? Please
> advise, thanks, trying to get all this running by Field Day, June 23.
> I am still using the demo version (unregistered) of the program with
updated keps.
> Also, I want to use a Dell inspiron 4000 Laptop for the PC and it is
stated in
> the SATPC32 instructions for using Icom that usually with a laptop I will
need to use a USB to
> Serial Adapter. If the laptop has a serial DB-9 connector on the back and
> says in the system info that it has a Com1 port, which I assume is the
> that is labeled for serial port, will it work? How will I be able to tell
if the port will work with the interface?
> I appreciate any advice, much thanks and 73, Robert Lasso W6RQR
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> From: "Erich Eichmann" <erich.eichmann at t-online.de>
> To: "Robert L Lasso" <rlasso at zianet.com>
> Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 2:48 AM
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Icom CT-16 Sat Interface
> > Hello Robert,
> > to steer 2 IC-706MKII radios you need an Icom CT-17 or compatible
> interface
> > for level conversion RS-232 <> TTL.  Such interface can easily be built
> for
> > about $10 .. $12.
> >
> > I attach a file with  the schematic diagram of the interface I'm using
> > several years with my Icom 821H and IC-910H. Also, I attach an
> > text for Icom users that comes with my software SatPC32. It describes
> to
> > connect the Icom radios to the PC. Note, that the pin numbering on the
> > side in the diagram refers to a 25-pin DB connector. With a 9-pin
> connector
> > the pin numbering is different (described in the text file).
> >
> > The interface can also be used to steer two radios. Both radios can be
> > connected parallel to the interface. So, you only need a second jacket
> > the radio side.The Icom CT-17 does the same (4  connectors parallel).
> >
> > With SatPC32 you can steer both radios for full duplex satellite
> operation.
> > As you will know the Icom radios can be accessed by their device
> addresses.
> > So, you only need to change the default device address of one of the
> > IC-706MKII at the radio and accordingly in the program. The program will
> > then steer one radio for RX, the other for TX. Whith SSB satellites you
> can
> > tune the RX radio around the passband and the program will then
> > automatically tune the TX on the correct uplink frequency.
> >
> > If you want to test the program you can download the demo  version from
> > website www.dk1tb.de , English page "Downloads". The demo is fully
> > functioning. The only restriction: the users geogr. coordinates must be
> > entered at each program start. But for CAT steering tests even that is
> > necessary.
> >
> > 73s and best wishes for 2007
> >
> > Erich, DK1TB

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