[amsat-bb] Re: AO-51 mode L uplink

Clare Fowler lcfowler at magma.ca
Tue Jun 19 08:13:49 PDT 2007

Good passes last night and this morning
with good up and downlink sigs except for
neighbours tree in NW!!!

I am using SatPC32 to control my FT-736R
uplink and downlink.
Have uplink set at 1268700 but downlink
2 kc high at 435152.

We have an SSB net here and we have often
discussed dial readout of various rigs as we
net on the controller. It seems that the absolute
accuracy of rigs, even brand new ones is not all
that accurate.


> Also, as VE3NPC commented, the downlink may be slightly higher.  I receive
> 435.300 with the discriminator centered, but I find this downlink looks
> better at 435.1515.  No question you have to hit the bird a bit harder for
> a
> full quieting signal.  Lots of fun, though.
> Alan

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