[amsat-bb] FS: Kenwood TS-790A + IFD board + TNC31S

Francisco Costa, CT1EAT listas_ct1eat at sapo.pt
Sun Jun 17 10:42:21 PDT 2007

Dear AMSAT friends

My pacsat station is for sale:

Kenwood TS-790A 144/432/1200 MHz transciever
with the following extras:
 * UT-10 1200 MHz module
 * Symek IFD-B board (for speed up to 76000 bd) 
and mods:
 * extended rx (on 3 bands)
 * 9600 baud tx/rx
 * 100ms mute disabled
 * IFD-B board (38400 baud rx)
 * Hand microphone 
 * DC cable
 * Instruction Manual (in english) include schematics
 * External Control Instruction Manual (in english)
 * Modifications documentation (in english)

All mods were performed by me and no holes were done.
This equipment was bought new (1997), and until now 
there was not a single problem! It was kept on a non 
smoking environment.
Cosmetic is a 8/10 (one minor dent, sort of paint bubble 
and 4 rotator control box feet "stain", all on top cover) 
Unfortunatly I don't have the original box anymore. Sorry

TNC Symek TNC31S
 * Tx 9600/Rx 38400 baud card 
 * 128kb RAM
 * 512kb Flash-EPROM
 * English mailbox
 * Kiss autostart
 * RS232 cable plus adapter (DB9)
 * DC cable
 * Diskette with software
 * Original Manuals (english and german)

This TNC was bought new (2000), and was used on UO-36 
and Tiungsat-1 with great sucess. I did't use it since 
a long time ago, but I belive it's 100% operational.
Cosmetic is 9/10.

I will only sale the 2 items together. Price: 1500 Euro

Buyer pays shipping.

Payment methods:
Euro countries: Bank money transfer only!
Elsewhere: Western Union or PayPal.

Photos: please visit http://ct1eatsale.no.sapo.pt/

Thanks for your attention.
See you on P3E or Eagle.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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