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I am the person at the ARRL that authored the statement in question. It appeared in a Field Day special insert published in the June issue of QST.


The statement is part of a section that discusses how to make a successful Field Day contact on OSCAR 51, a satellite that presently functions as a single-channel FM repeater. The suggestion to use as much power as available applied to Field Day stations, not everyday operating. But more importantly, the suggestion was intended to apply to AO-51 *only.* I would never suggest such a practice for communicating through an SSB/CW linear transponder satellite, during Field Day or at any other time.


I apologize for any misunderstanding. The article should have made this point clearer.


73 . . . Steve Ford, WB8IMY

QST Editor




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I would agree that the comment below is rather nuts, but it is important
to remember that this is an *unattributed statement* at the current time.
We cannot know that this was a true statement.

I am hoping that someone connected with the ARRL can get someone
there to comment on this.  Obviously this is a false statement, but I
don't believe that an ARRL official said that.  If someone can produce
an actual quote thats Googled, that is different.

Either way the ARRL really ought to make some kind of statement
about this.

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf  en82

On Thursday 14 June 2007 14:37:35 Ernest Erickson wrote:
> After reading several articles posted by menbers, this
> particular line really stood out.
> How can someone supposedly 'responsible' make such a
> stupid comment?
> They obviously have no idea that more power than
> neccessary robs power from ALL users on the
> satellites.
> (snip)
>  Someone from the ARRL, who shall
> >> > remain nameless, is actually recommending as much
> >> > uplink power as possible to improve one's
> chances,(/snip)
> This is especially true with SSB/CW transponders.
> This is thoughtless commenting in general, and must be
> ignored, but such a person should be informed that
> making statements such as this is NOT what we need
> from a 'reputable' organization, if indeed, it
> actually came from someone within the ARRL.
> Just my .02C on the subject.
> 73!
> Ernest A. Erickson, KA9UCE
> Applied Electronic Communications, AEC
> 10711 East Verbina Lane
> Florence, AZ. 85232
> 520.723.0602
> aec9823 at yahoo.com

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