[amsat-bb] This comment is INSANE...

Ernest Erickson aec9823 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 14 11:37:35 PDT 2007

After reading several articles posted by menbers, this
particular line really stood out.

How can someone supposedly 'responsible' make such a
stupid comment?

They obviously have no idea that more power than
neccessary robs power from ALL users on the
 Someone from the ARRL, who shall
>> > remain nameless, is actually recommending as much
>> > uplink power as possible to improve one's

This is especially true with SSB/CW transponders.

This is thoughtless commenting in general, and must be
ignored, but such a person should be informed that
making statements such as this is NOT what we need
from a 'reputable' organization, if indeed, it
actually came from someone within the ARRL.

Just my .02C on the subject.


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