[amsat-bb] Re: STS-117 Launch

Jim Shorney jshorney at inebraska.com
Wed Jun 13 20:48:45 PDT 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 22:38:12 -0400, Paul Lenharr II wrote:

>For those of you still proud of our space program

Nice pics, Paul.  Thanks for sharing.  If you want to see pride, you should
visit Ashland, NE, right now (just up the road from me about 20 miles). 
That's Clay Anderson's hometown, and those folks are STOKED!  117 is getting
almost unprecedented news coverage here in Nebraska right now, it's good to

TR7/RV7, TR6/RV6, T4XC/R4C, L4B, NCL2000, SB104A, R390A, GT550A/RV550A, HyGain 3750 - all vintage, all the time!

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