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I think the key to the HOA's power of restriction lies in the definition of
"Premises". If the definition includes the land and the home, then they can
govern what happens in the backyard. If the language eg. says no antennas on
the premises, then nothing will be allowed on land or building. In most
cases they can even tell you to mow your lawn if it's too long in terms of
the docs !! I used to manage HOA's and also lived in one. Hence the move to
a non restricted area. Sorry to hear about the issues Steve. HOA's can be
pretty unpleasant and unfortunately have a lot of power. Don't lose faith,
just make sure at your next purchase.


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By looking at the pictures on your website, the antennas are on the ground
and not permanently affixed on the house.  You might try mounting them to a
small trailer and go mobile.  Hi hi  

I have not seen your write-up yet so I might be speaking prematurely but,
how can a HOA restrict what you have on the ground inside of your backyard?
Also one other thought you might think of is contacting a ARRL VC and
discuss it with them.

I would not give up so easily on your station.  Maybe some education and
discussion with the HOA Board might also go a long way.

73's de Jeffrey N5TIT

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