[amsat-bb] Unfortunate Circumstances / Station for Sale

Steve Raas sraas at optonline.net
Mon Jun 11 17:03:35 PDT 2007

Some how I knew the day would come when I would get a letter from my home
owner’s assn. speaking of issues with my antennas. That day has
unfortunately come. I will write more about it on my web page in detail,
however this not a total loss as I now look into local clubs and operating
events to get my R.F. thrill. The YL was actually quite sad for me as she
too knows the enjoyment I shared with her and the kids as they listened to
many, many satellite passes as I operated. I am surprisingly calm about this
and looking forward to building another station @ a better location


I would like to personally thank each and every one of you whom have
enlightened me and welcomed me into the satellite community, your
correspondence has been extremely educational and informative and without
all the input I had personally received it would not have been as much of a
pleasure meeting and learning as well as operating the various satellites
amongst my peers.


For those whom don’t know me personally all is not lost for me,  as I am
quite young and I don’t plan on living in my current location forever, that
is the next goal outside of the radio fun is to get a radio friendly
community and altitude with great schools for the kids. (Might be hard to
find that one hihi)


As mentioned in the subject of this email I am selling the station as a
whole. I have NOT listed the station on EBAY as I would prefer to sell it to
some one on the BB  I also unfortunately do NOT desire to ship any of this
equipment anywhere as I would Like to meet the person giving it all a new

This station is for pick up @ my home ONLY and includes everything any one
would need except for time to get on the sats or terrestrial 2/432


Station is as follows:

( Everything is listed )


Icom IC-820H 2/432-450 all Mode ( Including Stock Mic, CI-V Cable, 3.5mm
male to L-R Phono Female Adapter, 3.5mm stereo male to Dual 3.5mm Stereo,
3.5mm stereo to L-R Male phono, 3.5mm female to ¼” stereo headphone adapter,
6’ 3.5mm stereo male-male cable and Icom Owners manual with original


Icom AG-25 mast Mounted Preamp

(Modified for N Input , SO239 Output/to antenna also tuned for max gain/min
N.F. with original box)


West Mountain Radio Rigblaster Plug N’ Play USB (with Icom Interface Cable &
Original Software / box)


Bencher Paddle (Black Base)


Super Pico Keyer (In a homemade wooden enclosure Low voltage/current Memory


R.F. Adapters (2) 90 Deg F UHF-to-Male UHF, (2) Male N to female UHF, (2)
Female N Barrels


Astron 10 Amp 13.8 VDC Power supply


Astron 50 Amp RS50A 13.8 VDC Power supply


Bird Model 43 (Dual N Female GREAT CONDX)


Bird Element 100C


Bird Element 50 E


Uniden HR-2600 10m All Mode transceiver ( Mic, Power Cable, Mobile Bracket)


Yaesu GS-065 Thrust Bearing (ALL HARDWARE AND DOCS/Original Box)


Yaesu G-5500 AZ/EL Rotor with separation kit (ALL DOCS / ALL HARDWARE / Orig


(2) 40’ runs of CNT-400 Low loss Cable (Both terminated the same with N Male
on one end and UHF on the other end)


(2) 50’ runs of Heavy duty SHIELDED 18ga 6 conductor rotor cable terminated
with the G-5500 Connectors


(1) 6’ run of CNT-400 Terminated with Male UHF on one end and N Male on the


(1) Directive Systems DPM144-5LVA 5 element 2m yagi N Fed


(1) Directive Systems DSFO432-11R 11 Element 432/435 yagi N Fed


(1) Glen Martin Engineering Roof Tower 4.5’ (I will disassemble this)


As well as assorted galvanized pipes for mounting the rotor &antennas in
multiple configurations from 1” to If I remember correctly 1 ¾ “diameter


Some Software is also included that I Just purchased from the amsat store
that I have never used


Everything is 100% operational and only used for a short period of time,
those of you whom have been keeping track of my progress know ive only been
QRV on the sats for about 6 months.


I must restate this as I want no confusion.. I will not separate this
station individually, I will not ship it and it is for pick up at my home
QTH ONLY. It is NOT on ebay, and won’t be unless I find no interested


Serious Inquiries can email me @ sraas at optonline.net for my asking price.





Thank you everyone!






Steven J. Raas

Locator FN20vg

Home Page @ http://n2jdq2007.tripod.com/

AMSAT Member # 36396


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