[amsat-bb] Re: shuttle rebroadcast

Dr. Jay Garlitz drjay at gatordental.com
Tue Jun 5 15:57:09 PDT 2007

There was a question posted of how to receive the shuttle rebroadcasts in
the space coast area.  I was hoping a local would respond but this
information follows from W4UFL, a club member who is staff here at UF in
Gainesville. I plan on using the info since as luck would have it I depart
on a cruise from Port Canaveral about two hours before the launch.  I'll
bring along a HT and videocamera.  If there is not a delay we'll have an
ocean view!


Jay, AA4FL

Faculty Advisor, Gator Amateur Radio Club at UF, club station W4DFU

Visit our Website at www.gatorradio.org <http://www.gatorradio.org/>  and
listen for us on the birds


<<Last time I was there, it was on 146.910 or 146.940 but I'm not really
sure what the current freq. is.  Several repeaters usually carry it.


I have heard it is on UHF as well as VHF.  Scanning has a good chance of
getting it since the launch coverage is usually active.


There are some web sites but I don't know how fresh they are.



146.940   146.340  103.5  NASA Select Audio - Space Shuttle Rebroadcast - 

Merritt Island


If you have ATV, you can even pick up NASA-TV rebroadcast over Amateur




You can hear the NASA Select Channel on a "radio scanner" of the type sold
at Radio Shack. Tune to 146.940 MHz for the Merritt Island ham radio
repeater where John K4GCC has a line into the Space Center. A backup
frequency is 147.135 MHz. The Titusville "chat" frequnecy is 146.910 MHz,
and if you're a ham operator yourself, call N4SCY on 146.970 MHz, and I'll
be happy to talk you into a good viewing site.






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