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Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 3 18:56:49 PDT 2007

Excellent advice Tom. Let me add a few things if you don't mind. If you cannot implement full doppler computer tuning, the next best practice is to tune the higher frequency, in this case the uplink. Use full duplex and the minimum power required. VO-52 is quite sensitive and overloads easily; expect this to be the norm on FD.

Don't forget AO-7. It could be in either Mode U/V (aka Mode B) or Mode V/A (aka Mode A). FO-29 may also be back in time for FD, we just don't know. I expect the majority of points to be made on the transponder satellites; please observe the one QSO per FM repeater rule (1 via AO-27 and SO-50, and 1 each via the L/U and V/U repeaters on AO-51).

For the true diehard satellite operator there is AO-16! The 1200 baud BPSK downlink is easily decoded with MixW soundcard software, and the uplink requires Manchester FSK at 1200 baud. This is the tough part. QSOs can be completed via digipeating through the satellite, but the BBS is non-operative. 

GO-32 is a good bet too if the BBS is up and running.

Good Luck on Field Day!

73, Drew KO4MA
AMSAT-NA VP Operations

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>Hi Art,
>I don't know of a site for this satellite with operating information. 
>However, this is what used to be called a Mode B satellite -- 70 CM LSB 
>uplink and 2 Mtrs USB downlink with a reverse transponder.  Because the 
>satellite is in a very low orbit I highly recommend a computer controlled 
>transceiver (FT-847, IC-910, TS-2000 or etc.) and SatPC32 (you can get a 
>free download to test with from Eric's web site: 
>http://www.dk1tb.de/indexeng.htm ).  We generally use the "one true rule," 
>that is computer control both up and down link to stay in one spot on the 
>For antennas, we will be using RH circular beams and automatic tracking, but 
>I expect you could use an Arrow type antenna with someone manually pointing 
>in the general direction -- turnstiles, egg beaters or other omnis may work 
>ok but I haven't tried them.
>Finally, practice before Field Day to "work out the bugs" is highly 
>recommended.  :-)
>73  Tom  n0ntx
>AMSAT Area Coordinator
>Colorado Springs, CO
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>>I am considering using VO-52 for Field Day. Could anyone direct me to a 
>>site with operating  information, not bragg tapes on this satellite. I 
>>found the Indian site but I could not find any real technical information. 
>>The AMSAT frequency guide mentions both Indain and Dutch transponders shows 
>>only one set of  frequencies and no suggestion as to USB tX or RX does 
>>indicate U TX and V receive. Uses turnstile antennas, Rh or Lh Circular?
>> Thanks,
>> Art,
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