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Sun Jun 3 14:05:26 PDT 2007

Hi Art,

I always seem to be reading, rarely contributing on this list, so thought I
would try to help...

I have used VO-52 for about a year and my gut sense is it is not a great
satellite for FD, unless you're planning on using all the other Sat's too.
The FM sats would be higher yield I think for making contacts, less
dependent on beam gain and positioning and less "touchy".  I personally
really like VO-52, but the FM sats will yield more contacts per hour.  

VO-52 info taken right out of SatPC32 is:


It is in the form DLink, Uplink, DNMode, UPMode, Tuning Direction

Here are the reasons against depending too highly on this sat:

- Doppler is very tricky and often moves fast
- Passes are generally short
- Traffic is light and once you've worked the VO-52 contingent, further
yield per unit time is low
- Beam heading is narrow

Overall VO-52 has good signals and is fun to work as the quality of the
transponder is excellent and has a great crew of people working.  FO-29 is a
little easier to work.  I would suggest a cross or circularly polarized
antenna for both, but the bigger the gain the more attention you need to pay

I hope this helps.  If someone has more experience than me to correct me on
any of the above, please feel free to update my opinions

Michael K3MH

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I am considering using VO-52 for Field Day. Could anyone direct me to a site
with operating  information, not bragg tapes on this satellite. I found the
Indian site but I could not find any real technical information. The AMSAT
frequency guide mentions both Indain and Dutch transponders shows only one
set of  frequencies and no suggestion as to USB tX or RX does indicate U TX
and V receive. Uses turnstile antennas, Rh or Lh Circular?

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