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> Has any one been lucky enough to work the ISS on 2m voice as of late? I 
> call
> NA1SS on every pass that Im available to and so far no dice. ( 3 days 4 or 
> 5
> passes )

The astronauts on the ISS have very full work schedules and, other than 
scheduled school contacts, only get on the air during their "free" time. 
IIRC, that's usually in the evening , Zulu time (UTC).  Also, the generally 
accepted practice is to NOT call the ISS unless you hear them on the air, 
taking random calls.  With any luck, they may be on the air for Field Day. 
(Counts as a normal 2M FM contact, NOT a satellite, BTW)  I've been 
fortunate enough to work them on 2 previous Field Days, as well as at the 
Boy Scout Camporall 2 years ago.  WAY cool for the Scouts!!


George, KA3HSW

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