[amsat-bb] Re: ISS Voice, Packet & SSTV FM deviation

Trevor m5aka@yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 5 04:49:31 PDT 2006

--- Félim Doyle M3HIM <Felim.M3HIM@ntlworld.com> wrote:
> What are the correct bandwidths / FM deviations for the ISS Voice, Packet
> and SSTV VHF and UHF uplinks and downlinks?

Modern VHF/UHF FM rigs in IARU Region 1 are designed for 12.5 kHz channel
spacing FM (50 MHz is 10 kHz channels) and so they are set for 2.5 kHz
deviation on Tx and the Rx usually has a 8 kHz bandwidth filter. 

I believe the ISS equipment is set for 5 kHz deviation so to get best results
stations in Region 1 would need to select Wide (5 kHz) deviation and wide

Most mobile rigs can select either Wide or Narrow FM. All the handhelds rigs
currently on the market are fitted with just a single compromise receive filter
with a bandwidth of about 12 kHz. The Tx deviation can usually be set to either
2.5 or 5 kHz.

73 Trevor M5AKA

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