[amsat-bb] Re: PCSAT2 Testing on 10 meters

Bob Bruninga bruninga@usna.edu
Mon Sep 4 08:36:24 PDT 2006


Marty and Walter seem to be reporting some success through
the PCSAT2 10 meter PSK-31 uplink!  Here is a preliminary
report, and it seems to imply that the frequency is off and so that may be why many people have had  no success.  I am
stealing their thunder here to encourage others to try the
transponder if they have plenty of uplink power on 10 meters.

> He starting drifting down in frequency, and I could see it > come up on the water-fall in MIXW, when he was 3.6khz
> lower that what it was supposed to be.
> I was not able to decode any data, but the data stream 
> was there, and we validated that it was him, by when he 
> un-keyed, and re-keyed, it went away, and returned 
> respectfully. 

Thanks for the testing!  Only a few days to go before
PCSAT2 goes QRT.  (first EVA shut down will be 9 Sept).

The PSK-31 FM downlink is on 435.275 and the uplink is
supposed to be 29.400 to 9.403, but the report above 
suggests it might be below 29.400 a few KHz.

To activate the PSK-31 transponder, send a AX.25
connect request to PCSAT2 on the 145.825 packet uplink.

de Wb4APR, Bob

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