[amsat-bb] Re: DELMARVA residents!!

Robert Bruninga bruninga@usna.edu
Fri Sep 1 05:39:44 PDT 2006

> We are looking for people to participate in an AMSAT  project 
> at U. Md. E.S., in the  Wallops Island area, and at a new 
> facility in Pocomoke, Md. near Wallops. 


Add us to the list for remote support, though it is doubtful we
would ever have time to visit the facilty to do any actual work.

In other words, I talked with the gentlemen involved and we just
want to keep the lines of communication open between UMD-ES and
the Naval Academy.  We are working on our next satellite calle
P-SAT which is a packet satellite designed for digipeating data
from experimental remote environmental sensors such as floating
ocean buoys, etc.

This fits in well with the environmental flavor of many projects
in the area.  We are building 6 Cpk Bay buoys to deploy this
semester and then later some for the ocean.

See http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/buoy.html

Bob Bruninga
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab

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