[amsat-bb] Re: FO-29 Minimum antenna system to work.

SV1BSX sv1bsx@yahoo.gr
Tue Aug 29 07:22:18 PDT 2006

Hi Joe,

yes, I had tried to listen the FO-29's downlink with QFH-antennas  on
several arrangements and
I noticed that the QFH is the most reliable omni Satellite-antenna.
 The downlink signal was superior  in comparison with other omni-antennas.
(My QFH was based on *excellent* articles of  I8CVS & W3KH respectively,
with infinity baluns).

The most important point (as usual) it's the length of coaxial between QFH
Receiver. On my experiments onto my roof  by using just a few feet of
cables, the
QFH was pretty good for FO-29 reception. The problem began when connected
with my long-long coaxial cable up to my shack, even in case which I used
quality cable. It's obvious that, the QFH with long coaxial needs a preamp,
But in this case, you need hard work in order to be able to achieve the best
result for good reception.

  However, even if QFH is the best Satellite omni-antenna, my experiments
proved me that for Linear birds, like FO-29, the QFH is worst than any small
UHF-Yagi (ie 5-7 El). The superiority of Yagi antenna is obvious especially
weak signals (Q5 upto 1-3 S Unit).
 On the other hand, for FM-birds the QFH is good enough and that probably
has to do with limiter-stages in FM-mode receivers. Just keep in mind.

73, Mak SV1BSX


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Has anyone tried working FO-29 with egg beaters or other omni
directional array? I have plenty of power and a good preamp. I have yet
to put my yagi's together (after my last move) and wonder if I can
cobble together something that will work.

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

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