[amsat-bb] Re Working FO-29 with Omnis.

Mike Hooles Mikehooles@BTInternet.com
Tue Aug 29 00:18:03 PDT 2006

Hi folks,
Work all LEO's all modes, down to 1 degree above the horizon, including 
FO-29 with simple antennas.
On 2 metres I use an MFJ 5/8 ground plane for uplink and downlink passes up 
to 30 degrees, and switch to an eggbeater on overhead passes.
For 70cms I use two 3 element beams, one verticallly polarised and the other 
horizontal. for overhead passes I use an eggbeater, again switched with a 
good 3 way unit.
Uplink power is 100 watts.
I have preamps at the switching point and on the output of the radio a 
NES10-2 DSP unit which for white noise gives me another 6 -10dB advantage.
I do, however, only have  5meter cable runs of RG213 from the antennas to my 
In the area in which I live large antennas are a no- no,

Mike G3LGR 

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