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> I know the 144.000/144.035 is world-wide assigned to EME but actually
> all the EME contacts are almost made from 144.100 and above.

Hi Fabio, IZ1EGT

Following the 2 meters bandplan IARU Region-1 the segment 144.035 to
144.150 MHz is for Telegraphy.
In details 144.140 to 144.150 MHz is for EME and FAI activity telegraphy
and 144.150 to 144.160 MHz is for EME and FAI activity SSB so that if the
EME contacts are almost made from 144.100 MHz  and  above it is correct.

> Doing a research on the cluster there are no EME contacts on the segment I

If there is no EME activity on the cluster is because 10 years ago the
segment 144.000 to 145.035 was interfered by birdies coming from the old
early time computers like 486 using low frequency clock and infact during
the IARU Region-1 Conference 1999 the following DARC proposal was

VIE (98) 21
SUBJECT: EME-segment in the 144-MHz-Band

The noisy situation in the 144 MHz Moonbounce segment 144.000 to
144.035 MHz is still existing and increasing.
To reduce the problems of the EME people, the DARC is in favor to
create an additional EME-segment in the bandplan.

DARC proposes:
The EME moonbounce activity additionally may use the segment 144.140
to 144.160 MHz

The above DARC proposal was approved and passed as an "extension" of
the existing 144.000 to 144.035 MHz EME band wich was still considered
for EME usage so that......... "it cannot be used for satellite".

Actually computers are using very high frequency clock so that the birdies
are not a problem in the actual 144.000 to 144.035 MHz EME band

> The newsletter proposed to use the segment 144.315-144.365 for sat
> uplink that, in my opinion, I think is more used.

I was not able to dowload the file,can you send a copy of it ?


but if the proposed uplink wich is wide only 50 KHz is only for NBFM
I disagree because following the IARU Region-1 bandplan the segment
144.150 to 144.400 MHz is only for SSB

Much better for NBFM to reuse the already experienced 144.490 MHz

Of coarse if the proposed uplink is only for CW and SSB it is too narrow
because 50 KHz are not enough for decent satellites in the future.
> In any case, since the bandplan covers all the 144-146Mhz segment, I
> suppose something has to be moved away if a sat reassignation
> frequencies has to be made so the question is: Which segment is more
> suitable for that ?

It is very hard to say but Jan ZS6AKV wich is the IARU Satellite Advisor
should solve the problem............why not ?
> 73
> Fabio
Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

> > Hi Fabio, IZ1EGT
> >
> > Unfortunately I cannot open the page
> >
> > > http://www.iaru-r1.org/Newsletter_43a.pdf
> >
> > Glad if you or Trevor can send to me the above 43a.pdf file as an
> > attachement.
> >
> > Anyway according to the actual 144-146 MHz Bandplan IARU Region-1
> > the segment 144.000 to 144.035 MHz that you propose is used world-wide
> > for 2 meters EME (SSB & Telegraphy )...........WOW ! !
> >
> > 73" de
> >
> > i8CVS Domenico
> >

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