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>From the newsletter:

"...In particular, at least in Region 1, the
segment between 144.315 and 144.365 MHz has become much quieter...."

Actually the segment from 144.360 to 144.370 is widely used by FSK441
and it would keep almost the 50% of the uplink on the trasponders
since the TX period are consecutives.

Even international contests are not so much on this band, sats will be
capable to reach people doing local contests (about 2-3 each weekend
on region 1) with a lot of problems in order to work sats during the
weekends !

In my opinion the best segment should be around 144.000 and 144040.

73 Fabio Roccatagliata


Hi Fabio, IZ1EGT

Unfortunately I cannot open the page

> http://www.iaru-r1.org/Newsletter_43a.pdf

Glad if you or Trevor can send to me the above 43a.pdf file as an

Anyway according to the actual 144-146 MHz Bandplan IARU Region-1
the segment 144.000 to 144.035 MHz that you propose is used world-wide
for 2 meters EME (SSB & Telegraphy )...........WOW ! !

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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