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Thanks  for the info drew and bob, with at least 18 watts from the solar
panels and  maybe 6 watts being consumed by the satellite, I believe there
must be a  way to recoup all that solar power. Thanks to anybody who can
eek out more  power in the future.

Can amsat afford to consult with the original  satellite manufacturer in
virginia on the subject?

BTW, I have bothe  the original and current ECHO books.

Thanks, pat  n2oeq

Hi Pat.
The answer would seem to be:
Echo works very well at it's current power setting requiring only modest  
equipment to use the onboard systems.
To receive the satellite down to the horizon on every pass could be done by  
increasing the power towards its maximum of 4 Watts.
However, the penalty would be to limit the other functions available to  
users and increase the depth of discharge of the batteries during each eclipse  
The effect of this would be to shortern the life of the batteries and the  
All of the above gleaned from messages and material referenced in the past  
few days.
We don't need to ask Spacequest anything, we just need to improve our  ground 
stations to cope with the power that is deemed optimum for maximum  satellite 
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