[amsat-bb] echo

McGrane tmcgrane@suffolk.lib.ny.us
Sat Aug 26 07:54:42 PDT 2006


Please note I am not mad at amsat so please dont take my messages so

Just trying to report my observations then things get carried away.

The coloradosatellite telemetry graphs only show TX A power which is the
digital transmitter.
I am interested in the TX B which is the phone transmitter.

Thanks for the info drew and bob, with at least 18 watts from the solar
panels and maybe 6 watts being consumed by the satellite, I believe there
must be a way to recoup all that solar power. Thanks to anybody who can
eek out more power in the future.

Can amsat afford to consult with the original satellite manufacturer in
virginia on the subject?

BTW, I have bothe the original and current ECHO books.

Thanks, pat n2oeq

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